Deep State T-shirt

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This expertly illustrated, politically nuanced, retro graphic tee is an urgent call to anyone in favor of restoring truth and integrity to our current political structure. Emblazoned with a Disney like caricature of our ever-spinning President Donald Trump, this USA Made graphic tee brings into literal fashion, the fantastical conspiracy of the Deep State - a fictitious place where the inhabitants of this so-called swamp that was to be drained in order to make America Great again reside. The Deep State is an insidious, unsubstantiated claim that helped get Trump elected, suggesting that collusion and cronyism exist within the US political system and constitute a hidden government within the legitimately elected government. Similar to how the Make American Great slogan was stolen from non-other than Ronald Raegan, the first TV personality to grace the oval office, the Deep State term has been appropriated by Steve Bannon of Breibart news and other supporters of the Trump administration, in order to delegitimize the critics of the current presidency. So come along America, and the world, hop on the tour bus of greed, dysfunction, and other worldly levels of narcissism, in Donald's Deep State, where Alternative Facts Come True.

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