Toddler's Tofu,The Other Other White Meat T-shirt | Supports Animal Rights

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Kids may be picky eaters, but this cute toddler t-shirt is a winning recipe. With its anime-style graphics and surprisingly sophisticated spin on food-humor, it’s both ironic and sincere at the same time. Not only will the little ones look fly, they’ll also be saving lives of animals -- and who doesn’t love animals?

As part of our SOLIDARITEE initiative20% of sales from this wonderfully japanimated tee are donated directly to the Green Mountain Animal Defenders; -- an animal protection organization that has been actively defending our furry and feathered brethren for over 30 years, in a plethora of unique and impactful ways. Now that’s a vegan recipe that can satisfy even carnivores. Whoever said tofu was bland, think again!


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