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  • January 25, 2023 1 min read

    Ski Bum¬†/skńď b…ôm/ noun. Someone who found a better alternative to working.

    With the Pow-Pow pouring down outside my window in the Green Mountain state, I felt inclined to offer a quick ode to the inspired individuals who found the fortitude and fierceness to stay singularly focused on first tracks and freshies.

    Cool Ski Bum T-shirts & Hoodies | Laid Back Ski Lodge Looks

    The true Ski Bum works to live, instead of living to work, employing a similar ethos at their core to the "dirt bag" in the climbing world. When fully owned, these are terms of endearment, and through this lifestyle they are aligned with a universal flow of creativity that eludes many of us stuck in our heads staring at screens.... me included more than I would like. 

    Sometimes this free spirited approach invokes ideas and ambitions that create paradigm shifting companies like Patagonia and Burton. Sometimes they simply bring smiles to bystanders in the characters they are and manner in which that are fully inhabiting themselves. 

    Better Base Layers for Skiers & Snowboarders | Cool Slope Style T-shirts
    Ski Bums remind us that often, we find what we're looking for, not by racing ahead towards our next accomplishment or acquisition, but simply by carving out more space in our daily routine to do what we love. The so called ski Bum does that as well or better than anyone.

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