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  • March 20, 2020 3 min read

    Our mission is to spread humor, light, and optimism in life, and with that in mind, we created the Self Quarantine & Chill t-shirt to help combat COVID-19 and support the collective efforts in preventing the spread. As part of our SOLIDARITEES program, 50% of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the CDC Foundation.

    At SOLID THREADS our thoughts are with the families fighting the deadly coronavirus and the global community struggling to live their lives as businesses close and isolation becomes the new, and hopefully temporary, norm.

    So as you read this while “working from home”, self-quarantined without any toilet paper, we also want to share five helpful ways that our super-soft vintage SOLID THREADS T-Shirts can help you prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    1. The toilet paper thing


    Sure, this shit got really real when the NBA postponed the season and colleges started talking about closing for the rest of the year – but the fact that it made everyone go out and buy all the TP is a bit of a mystery. So as a solution, Solid Threads is now offering our buttery-soft shirts in T-shirt rolls. We’re offering 1-ply and 2-ply. This is way better than buying some TP off a guy in a van selling it by the sheet behind the Piggly Wiggly at 50 cents / 3 for a $1.

    2. Social Distancing


    Social distancing is why concerts and sporting events and school and work and everything else has been shut down. Shit, police in New Orleans shut down Bourbon Street because there were so many people at the bars. And we all saw that in every city this weekend – people out on the town – and the complaints reigned upon those people from social media. So if you’re gonna go out – if that’s still even an option, maintain a social distance …even after a few drinks. If you can’t let the SOLID THREADS social distancing tool (patent pending) help you. Not only will the SOLID THREADS social distancing tool help maintain the appropriate distance from others, you’ll also look 4X as cool sporting up to 5 SOLID THREADS shirts. Our prototype in development, check our website often for updates to this crucial lifesaving device.

    3. Greetings


    If you’re not in quarantine – the salutations are getting admittedly weird. When did the half chicken wing become a thing? There isn’t a better move? Last week, after the President pleaded with Americans to follow the CDC’s warnings, he turned and shook everyone’s hand. One guy dodged the handshake with an elbow bump. Well, Mr. President, if you’re gonna insist on continuing to shake everyone’s hand, let SOLID THREADS protect you – or the person you’re glad-handing.

    4. Wash your hands


    Sticking with the self-hygene theme here – washing your hands. Remember there was a time that all we knew about COVID-19 was that it came from a Pittsburgh-like place in China and that you can prevent it by washing your hands? This was before we had to rely on a shirtless Chet Hanks to share Instagram updates on how his father, national treasure Tom Hanks, is fairing down under with coronavirus. So keep washing your hands. And if it helps, let the comfort of our shirts dry them for you.

    5. Face Masks

    We know that the CDC now says the face masks won’t help you from contracting COVID 19. But still you can’t buy them anywhere. So if you’re hunting for a mask and just have to have one try a fashionable vintage mask from SOLID THREADS. We absolutely can’t guarantee that this will do anything for you, but the other masks might not help either.

    We at SOLID THREADS truly hope you’re taking care of yourself and others (and washing your hands). This is going to get worse before it gets better and we need to remember all of the people affected by this – not just you as you face three weeks straight with your children – but our community as a whole. Families have been changed forever and only as a community can we stop the spread of this pandemic, incorporating this perspective shifting new reality into renewed efforts to care for our plant and each other. 


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