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  • December 08, 2022 3 min read

    Right around this time last year, anxious anticipation was converging into an eerie calm, with my wife’s swollen belly due to spring forth new life at any moment.

    On Dec 4th 2021, I became a father for the first time, and an “older parent” at that, after quite a long, rambling journey. Little did I know my journey had only just begun. 

    Nova Seraphine entered my life as the new moon was eclipsing the sun above and the snow began falling below. 

    I’ve come to discover a new moon blacking out the sun is a fitting metaphor for a first-time parent. In a flash, everything I previously held to be true had changed. Suddenly I was standing in a wholly different light, and I don't recall ever actually moving.

    The Sky is the Limit Cool Baby Onesie | Retro Infant Romper


    In certain African cultures, when you become a new parent, you’re given a new name in the village and from there on out are known as Papa or Mama + your baby’s first name. 

    So as the shadow of the moon passed over me, bringing forth the light of my baby girl, I too had been reborn it seems as Papa Nova… my former role as Head T-shirt Guy now inextricably revised by this new identity revealed in the new light. 

    Integrating the conflicting responsibilities of these two identities has become my biggest challenge to date and my greatest opportunity thus far. On the Solid Threads front, it's invoking a lot of foundational changes I'm excited to share, in the hopes of sending this small business I birthed now over 20 years ago off to college so to speak.

    I Love My Dad Cool Baby Onesie | Funny Retro Infant Romper

    On the personal front, my head has been spinning really. It's been a wonderful whirlwind, marked by serious pain, excessive joy, and everything in between, almost on a daily basis.

    I guess I'm being distilled somehow, into my base form, through some invisible emotional meat grinder. I can only hope the conconction remaining at the end somehow ages to perfection... that's where prior lessons learned are helping through this fruitful adversity

    I've gathered some inspiration and ideas for new (and aspiring) parents with links below. If you're a new parent, or you know one, be sure to check out our cool baby tees and retro kids clothes to get them ready for their matching family photos. 


    Fertile Heart | Julia Indichova Fertility Workshop & Much More

     A Fertile Heart

    The new awareness provided by the teachings of Julia Indichova changed our entire perspective on fertility and opened up the space for Nova to come through. So much so, our story is featured on the front page of her site.


    Wise words on fatherhood


     Wise Words on Fatherhood

    I gained a lot from this raw heartfelt take on family life and parenthood offered by Kier, a therapist and family and relationship vlogger who makes videos with his wife Noémie and 2-year-old daughter Emmy.



    Iron John | Masculinity Reimagined


    Iron John, Masculinity Reimagined

    This book helped paint a clearer picture of the type of masculinity I could aspire towards. It deals in a lot of archetypes that seem to cut deeper into our pysche to reveal understanding that sticks to the bones.


    Time Spent With Family | Eye Opening Data on How we Spend our Time


    Family Time, Spend it Wisely

    Eye opening data from Sahil Bloom on how and who we spend time with throughout our lives. There are some telling stats to help appreciate our family time, in spite of how overwhelming it can sometimes be. 


    28ish Days Later | An In depth Dive into the Menstrual Cycle


    The Cycle of Life

    I felt a fitting end to this Girl Dad infused family edition was to bring it back to the beginning, with an in depth dive into the menstrual cycle, something many of us men simply try to avoid.

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