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  • August 14, 2014 2 min read

    I had a defining moment during my travels last year and it happened just as I started developing this new website, almost a year ago. I had been determining the type of site I wanted and the options were limitless. Navigation structures, layouts, site attributes had been swirling in my mind for weeks and an over complicated, all encompassing behemoth of a website was brewing that was basically just a polished rearrangement of all the old elements from the previous site. Nothing particularly inspiring was being wrought from this immense effort, but I continued trudging on as I always had done in the past.

    And then I stepped away from my computer and stacked some wood. That's right, I was up in the mountains visiting my brother, attempting to take a working vacation from the city, but the feverish wrenching of site plan for the new look of the website was still churning in the background, because a definitive outline was due to my developer by the end of that weekend. But then I stepped away and started stacking a huge pile of wood that was in the backyard. It had been dropped off earlier that day and was going to heat my brother's house for the entire Winter. I spent hours stacking that wood, log by log, and finally forgot about the website and the ensuing deadline. At some point and in some way through the process, the power of the material, the wisdom and patience in the grain of the trees, had subtly seeped into my subconscious.

    Literally within 15 minutes of stacking that last piece of wood, I returned to my work and penned the entire structure of the site you see today. I guess it was a "flux-capacitor" moment for all you Back to the Future fans (of which you should check out our "Need Roads" design).

    An overly complex, all-encompassing site structure that I had been wracking my brain and toiling on for weeks almost miraculously fell away and a seedling sprouted effortlessly in its place. It may seem self evident, but until that moment, I had not fully absorbed the power that a little space and physical connection with nature can truly provide in the creative process, or anytime you’re faced with difficult decisions I believe.

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