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  • April 20, 2020 3 min read

    Happy 4/20 everybody from your friends at SOLID THREADS vintage T-shirts. This day is also known as Monday for our friends on the west coast. But these days who the f*ck even knew it was Monday – just that it was blue sweatpants day.


    And why are they called sweatpants anyway? I’ve been wearing them for five weeks straight and haven’t broken a sweat yet. I’d bet my bong I haven’t. Well, there was that day I thought I saw an actual Heinz ketchup at the grocery store and made a break down aisle 3, but it turned out to be some weird organic barbeque sauce.

    What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Getting’ baked.

    So here we are, self-quarantined, puffin’ the day away. During these weird times, let SOLID THREADS help you get weirder. Let one of our retro, marijuana themed shirts support your lifestyle, habit, pastime, guilty pleasure, vice, or otherwise. Just think, all you need is a shirt these days for online school or work from home. Who the f*ck knows what people are wearing below the belt in those zoom calls…unless you’re on those zoom calls. And we won’t judge you for that, its just worthy of a whole other post, another time.


    Recreational pot shops have been deemed essential in several states and more than twenty other states have allowed medical dispensaries to remain open for business. We think that makes the serious case for the need for legalized weed across the board. You know, Canada style. Your local budtender, who has to explain the difference between Indica and Sativa[i] every time you go in the shop is now an essential worker.

    A Toke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Vintage Inspired Marijuana T-shirt | Cool Retro Weed Graphic Tee

    But if you’re in one of the “other” states your supply chain may be disrupted. And this could pose a problem. We spent a recent Saturday night laying out our edibles, end-to-end, counting them and wondering when everything might go back to normal.

    Supply shortages aside, here are some SOLID THREADS tested DOs and DON’Ts for our stoney friends holed up at home.

    Cool Street Art Marijuana Painting

    • DO – Get creative. Paint a picture, write a poem. Sh!t, I spent two hours building LEGOs while on a conference call, then finished my futuristic tower which kinda morphed into Barad-dur (LOTR shout-out, what what!)


    • DON’T – Call your parents after eating edibles. Sure you need to check in on the family to see how everyone is doing, but thirty minutes into the conversation I was well into a rambling story about crushing my balls trying to jump a curb with my new bike while hammer-eating chips and salsa. Call your parents. But wait until morning.


    • DO – Listen to music. There’s no concerts, there’s no sports. Take this time to listen to new music. Use it to help pass the evenings, help soothe the stressful days. Find a classic album and give it a listen. When’s the last time you really sat and listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town or Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions? Have it on vinyl, even better for the experience. Need the TV on? PBS is streaming episodes of Austin City Limits on their app. Turn on John Prine’s episode taped almost two years ago and celebrate the artist we lost and all the humor and life his songs still offer.

    Cool Retro Wake N Bake Sign

    • DON’T – Eat all your food. Going to the grocery store is a stressful experience for everyone these days. So don’t eat all your Cinnamon Toast Crunch after midnight. You’re going to wish you hadn’t in the morning. You don’t want to put on that COVID-19.

     Adopt a Plant Vintage Inspired Marijuana Tee Shirt | Cool Weed Graphic Tee

    • DO – Get outside. Find a new place to explore. I’ve seen more houses, streets, parks, paths within three miles of my house in the last month. Or plant a garden, hehe.

     Cool Retro Be Kind Marijuana Picture

    • DON’T – Drive. Never a good idea. The claim that you’re a great driver when high isn’t true. Your friend isn’t either. That’s how you end up walking through a Taco Bell Drive Thru.

    [i] Indica is the relaxing, body high. The one to sink into the couch. Sativa is the euphoric, creative head high. Or some sh!t like that. We don’t know, google it.

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