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  • June 21, 2020 1 min read

    Through the painstaking process of building a brand aligned with my core character and values over the past two decades, I’ve come to recognize small business as an art, much more than a trade or skill.  An art rooted in resilience.

    Resilience is a prerequisite to establishing anything of worth over time. And time it will most certainly take. But dogged determination and grit alone can only get us so far. There is a fine line between banging our heads against the wall for no good reason and giving up somewhere short of our next break through.

    The ART of entrepreneurship is created within the space between our resilience and our awareness. We cultivate our craft within this space by attuning and aligning with our most authentic voice through adversity. In this space is where the magic happens so to speak, where alchemy can and regularly does occur.

    Entrepreneurship is the art of materializing resilience into creative form

    Given the uncertainty and upheaval of recent world events, we find ourselves at the crossroads of resilience and awareness almost daily. An intersection littered with the carnage of setbacks, hardships, and ingrained negative patterns, but one where transformation is not only possible, it's actively being invoked within us should we find the wherewithal to face our truth and dig deeper.

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