Women's Change Your Way T-Shirt | Supports Gun Reform Legislation

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"Do I feel lucky?' Well do ya, punk?" Nowadays, with Americans owning an estimated 265m guns, more than one gun for every adult, and a mass shooting occurring nine out of every 10 days, we have to be lucky just to survive daily activities. This powerful retro t-shirt invoking the iconic image of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, offers a modern, timely twist on the glamorization of guns in pop culture, admonishing the absolute necessity for sensible gun reform. Donned by Parkland students during their march for lives surrounding NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA on August 4th, 2018, this cool graphic t-shirt is as poignant as it is authentic.

As part of our SOLIDARITEE initiative, 20% of sales from this powerful design will be donated to Change the Refan organization that empowers and sustains the voice of this young generation of survivors and victims, using urban art and nonviolent creative confrontation, to expose the disastrous effects of the mass shooting pandemic and elicit tangible change on critical issues.

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